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JT Foxx Lawsuit Dismissed by Judge

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1302726693-300px-extortion_for_dummiesA lawsuit filed against renowned entrepreneur J.T. Foxx and his wholly-owned entities for alleged sexual and other harassment was tossed out of court this past Thursday by Judge Murphy of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

In granting the Foxx Defendants’ Demurrer, Judge Murphy acknowledged the obvious prejudicial effect posed by the joinder of the Plaintiffs into a single Complaint. She allowed Plaintiffs Twenty (20) days leave to amend or be subjected to a final dismissal with prejudice, and stated that she will look very closely at any amended complaint which Plaintiffs may file.

March 29th, 2013 at 8:58 pm

JT Foxx Lawsuit Fights Back Against Extortion

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Unfortunately, the reality of doing business today makes both slander and extortion almost inevitable. It’s become a tragic, but unavoidable, cost of doing business in today’s business landscape.
The internet makes it easier than ever for people to voice their opinions—and often air their grievances. Eventually, your online reputation will be compromised by one or more former customers or associates who would rather make up lies about you than talk with you one-on-one to resolve their issues.

When you’re in business for yourself, you expect to face challenges and day to day hurdles to jump. But, the last thing you expect is to find yourself being slandered—or even worse, sued.

Malicious extortions are flat-out shakedowns… and as horrible as they are to experience, you can beat them.

And, along with new avenues for spreading untruths, we live in one of the most litigious cultures in the world. Everyone’s suing somebody, it seems…and the more successful you get, the more people want a piece of you and everything you’ve worked for. It’s heartbreaking to even think about this sometimes…you work your ass off for years and build something amazing out of your blood, sweat, tears and determination, just to have someone come along and try to use the courts to bully you. But it happens all the time.

JT is committed himself to protecting entrepreneurs and small businesses from predators and unscrupulous lawyers who abuse the court system with malicious, frivolous lawsuits.

JT is currently educating everyone about the dangers of these issues—and what you can do about them—at all of our events and at Mega Partnering VI, the World’s # 1 Wealth Networking and Business Conference.

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October 12th, 2012 at 6:10 am